Invoice processing

Invoice processing, purchase invoices, sales invoices and authorisation

Many companies and institutions manually process thousands of purchase invoices every year. Staff within the accounting department spend a lot of their time and focus on this process. Invoices are manually entered and then submitted to the authorising officers for checking and approval, after which the invoices are kept in a paper archive. This manual process is not only time-consuming, but also prone to errors. Invoices can be lost, and valuable archive space is taken up.

Automated process with ImageCapture

DigitaL approval in ImageCapture Web

In addition to offering automated processing of your invoices, ImageCapture Web offers many links, allowing you to digitally authorise your invoices. After the invoice has been read, an automatic entry proposal is created, which allows you to indicate who you want the invoice to be authorised by. The entry is then created and put on hold in your system, allowing you to immediately have insight into your costs, without running the risk of any invoices being paid without first being checked and then released for payment. ImageCapture sends an automatic message to the person authorising the invoice, informing them that the invoice is awaiting approval. The person appointed to approve the invoice opens their ImageCapture Web environment to view the invoices and subsequently approve, reject or forward them, adding any comments when necessary. After the invoice has been approved, the invoice is taken off hold in your system and can be seen in the payments due list. The digital document is automatically enriched with an appendix page, on which a full audit trail can be viewed including any remarks concerning the authorisation of the invoice.


The advantages of automated invoice processing:

  • No more errors caused by manual entry
  • Faster throughput and processing of invoices
  • Documents are also available in digital format and can never be lost
  • No need for a paper archive
  • Full integration with the most commonly used financial applications
  • Linked with workflow
  • Extensive recognition right down to individual lines
  • Digital authorisation
  • Creation of and changes to creditor details in ImageCapture
  • No limit to number of records or documents
  • Processing of sales and purchase invoices
  • Links to various accountancy portals and financial systems
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