Matching purchase order confirmations

Matching purchase order confirmations automatically

Companies that regularly place orders with their suppliers are often confronted with unexpected discrepancies in pricing or additional costs, whilst processing their purchase invoice. This leads to a time-consuming process of checking and updating of the purchase order and or the goods receipt registration. By having your supplier send you a purchase confirmation order you can minimalize these risks. 

The purchase confirmation order can be matched with the purchase order in your administration to see if amounts, articles, prices and delivery dates are correct. However, this manual process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. 

The advantages of matching order confirmations with ImageCapture

  • No more errors caused by manual entry
  • Faster throughput and processing of order confirmations
  • Discrepancies in prices, articles or amounts are immediately noticed
  • Linked with workflow
  • The digital order confirmation can be called up from the purchase order and whilst processing the purchase invoice
  • Goods receipt are automatically debited at the right invoice amount
  • Your delivery information is always up to date