Automated processing of documents

Digital and paper postal items and HR records

Every company must deal with a stream of incoming documents, such as postal items. In some cases, these documents already arrive digitally, but many organizations still receive a constant flow of paper documents. The opening, checking and distribution of these documents takes up a great deal of your employees’ valuable time. What’s more, the paper documents can get lost in transit or sent to an employee who is absent. Archiving the documents takes up valuable space and retrieving them is not always a straightforward task.

Automated process with ImageCapture

Benefits of automated documents processing at a glance

  • Access to your documents from any location at any time
  • Faster processing of postal items via digital distribution
  • Digital archive: saves valuable archive space
  • Full integration with your CRM application
  • Documents are digitally archived and retrievable from your CRM application
  • Automatic indexation of your documents
  • Text recognition: thanks to advanced OCR technology, the documents are text searchable