Plukon Food Group is one of the largest players in the poultry meat market in Europe and supplies chicken products and ready meals to leading European food partners. With 27 branches in six countries and a workforce of over 6500, Plukon is a leader in translating consumer wishes into innovative products, concepts and farming concepts. Plukon Food Group is the knowledge center in the field of poultry meat and has the ambition to grow further in quality, capacity and yield.



Exact Globe has been used at all Plukon Food Group branches for a number of years. In 2018, Plukon Food Group started the project to digitize the purchasing process, the IT department of Plukon Food Group oriented itself on the market and ended up at Scan Sys. That led to a successful pilot of ImageCapture for scanning and approving invoices at Plukon Convenience Olen, the Belgian branch. This was soon followed by an implementation in France, where Plukon Food Group had just made an acquisition. Exact Globe was implemented and the need was high to also digitize invoice processing. Because the workflow had already been extensively tested in Olen, the implementation in France could start quickly.

ImageCapture was then taken into use at the sites in the other countries (The Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Spain). During the implementation of ImageCapture at the administration of Plukon Wezep (the head office), the software was not only linked to Exact Globe, but also to the purchasing software of the ERP package, CSB. Together with ScanSys partner AB Software, a workflow was developed that digitized the entire purchasing process with orders, goods receipts, invoice processing and approval.

ImageCapture has since spread within the Plukon organization and the solution is used at all locations.



Philip Faes, Country Manager Finance in Belgium, who was involved in the pilot and the other implementations within Plukon Food Group, says:

We now process more than 150,000 invoices per year within the group using ImageCapture. The system is very user-friendly and logically structured. Even in countries where employees do not always speak the English language, such as Spain and France, Image Capture is very self-explanatory.



The implementation was very successful. Scan Sys provides the integration with Exact and then our IT department takes care of setting up the workflows. We have a lot of ImageCapture knowledge within the IT department, and because the software is easy to understand, you can make progress quickly. That’s good because the number of companies within the group is growing rapidly. We also train our employees in-house, so we are not really dependent on other parties. An additional advantage is that the costs remain limited.



This is what Philip Faes tells us;

The digitized process has brought us so much. First of all, it saves us a lot of time when trying to retrieve the purchase invoices digitally from Exact. In addition, every user has their own digital archive they can refer back to. And of course, the digital workflow makes it much easier to approve invoices or determine where invoices are in the approval process.

Finally, he notes:

We knew back in 2018 that we needed to digitize the procurement process and fortunately, we started before COVID-19. In retrospect, I am very glad that we already implemented ImageCapture everywhere last year. A paper process at this time would have been very inconvenient.