Rovanda uses Prodin ERP, a financial software solution that is ideally suited for trading companies. We speak with Leo Opmeer, responsible for accounting and HR and Jacolien van Marle, receptionist and administrative assistant, about their experiences in using ImageCapture in combination with Prodin. Leo Opmeer tells us:

We have been using ImageCapture since January 1st of this year. In the months before, we tested the solution extensively in our test administration. We use ImageCapture for invoice processing. The invoice is imported by ImageCapture, after which it can be checked and booked. Jacolien and her colleague process all the commercial invoices every day, and I myself, together with another colleague, process the cost invoices, such as energy bills. Then the invoices are checked by colleagues in procurement, the workshop and by our director.

In the past we printed all invoices and provided them with stamps and book numbers. This is no longer necessary. If there were any questions about the approval of the invoices, this was done via email and sometimes also with the paper invoice going through the department itself. Now colleagues can check and approve invoices when it suits them and we no longer stand in front of them at an inconvenient time. ImageCapture even ensures that they receive a reminder if approval takes too long.

Another advantage is that we have a very complete audit trail with ImageCapture. Our auditor requires this, he can now review the entire approval process. That was also one of our wishes for the implementation of ImageCapture. Speed and less manual typing was our primary wish, but the audit trail is also very important.


the implementation

Our contact at Prodin, Melvin Versluis, alerted us last year to the possibilities of ImageCapture. After the summer we started the implementation with Michel from Scan Sys. It all went very smoothly. Our specific wishes were taken into account. For example, there is a separate mailbox for each of our locations where the invoices are sent to. This way the purchase invoices can immediately be entered into the right administration. 

Thus Leo. 



We ask Leo what the biggest advantage of using ImageCapture is. He doesn’t have to think long about that question:

Eight people in our organization work with ImageCapture. It took some getting used to at the beginning, but now it’s clear to everyone. Our invoices are processed much faster.

Jacolien adds:

It saves us so much time. It used to take us about two to three hours every day to enter all the amounts and invoice numbers. There was no way you could skip a day. Now we only spend 20 minutes a day checking the generated entries. Everything goes so much faster now.