Delivery note processing

Delivery notes

Trading companies frequently receive delivery notes that need to be processed manually and converted into acknowledgement receipts in the administrative system. This is an error-prone and time-consuming process that requires a great deal of attention from your administrative staff. The incoming delivery notes are often stored in a physical archive, so that it is possible to look them up in case of queries about any purchase invoices. Retrieving the right documents from the archive can take up valuable time.

Automated processing of delivery notes with ImageCapture

Automated processing of delivery notes with ImageCapture



The benefits of automated delivery note processing

  • No more errors caused by manual entry
  • Much faster processing of delivery notes
  • Documents are always available in digital format and do not get lost
  • No need for a paper archive
  • Full integration with Ridder iQ and Trimergo T2 ERP
  • No limit to number of records or documents