When it comes to steel, Reijrink Staalconstructie is a perfect fit. From the world’s largest mushroom farm in Canada to a cinema complex in the heart of Amsterdam. From its modern offices in Esbeek and Someren, Reijrink Staalconstructie realises both everyday and high-profile projects. Continuous learning is perhaps the most characteristic feature of this company. This progressive attitude is also reflected in the digitalization of the company itself.


Usage of ImageCapture

Reijrink Staalconstructie has been an active user of ImageCapture software in combination with ConstruSteel since 2018. The integration of ImageCapture with ConstruSteel was developed in 2017 and now dozens of companies in the steel processing industry work with ImageCapture software on a daily basis. Jos van der Bruggen, controller at Reijrink Staalconstructie, tells us more about his experiences.

With the flow of procurement invoices alone, we could fill a total of about 25 to 30 binders per year. After all, we receive around 12,000 purchase invoices a year, so digitization is very desirable. About three of the 150 employees at Reijrink work with ImageCapture every day, but the entire organization benefits from digitization. It’s just ideal, because everything is in view.



As an organization, Reijrink Staalconstructie is at the forefront of innovation and modernization. It was therefore no surprise that they were proactively looking for a solution to digitize business processes. When it became clear that ConstruSteel and Scan Sys were joining forces to realize a link, Reijrink quickly decided to join in as well. Reijrink is one of the first users of the integration of ImageCapture with ConstruSteel.

We were already very interested in scan and recognize software for our administration processes when ConstruSteel mentioned that contacts were ongoing with Scan Sys. Reason enough for us to park our search, and wait until this link became available. The implementation went well. When problems did surface, they were quickly resolved by Jay Madho, our consultant at Scan Sys.



For Reijrink Staalconstructie, it was very important to get rid of the ‘paperwork’ as soon as possible. Digitizing this process has provided more overview and a more pleasant way of working in which also saves a lot of time. The digitized invoices can be found both in the ImageCapture archive and in ConstruSteel. This makes every invoice immediately visible at any time of the day.

When processing invoices manually, we could not properly ensure the desired process. Sometimes invoices were approved first and then booked, or paper invoices were not readily available. With ImageCapture software, that’s a thing of the past.