Consignment note processing

Consignment note processing, CMRs and other freight documents

Transportation companies process various types of consignment notes on a daily basis. This leads to many operations such as checking, copying, sorting and archiving which takes a lot of time. These actions also slow down the invoicing process because of manual checking.  

List of advantages of automated consignment notes and checklist processing:

  • Less paper used. Instead of having a consignment note for each consignment, various consignment lines can be printed off on one page.
  • Faster processing. A single run sheet can be scanned far faster than tens of individual consignment notes. Signature recognition allows the goods that have not been delivered to be processed far more quickly.
  • The documents are digitally archived and accessible from the TMS and via Tracking & Tracing.
  • The software can be fully integrated in your TMS.
  • Proof of delivery can be sent digitally or made available in your Tracking & Tracing system
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