Consignment note processing

Consignment note processing, CMRs and other freight documents

ImageCapture is flexible scanning software that is built up of modules. With ImageCapture you cut out a great deal of manual processing. Documents such as consignment notes, CMR documents, manifests, purchase invoices and daily financial records can be automatically processed for the most part and linked to your TMS. These documents can be called up directly from the underlying application.

Geautomatiseerd proces met imagecapture.

What makes our run sheet module unique is that:

  • it supports variable row heights for each consignment. This allows you to expand each line row with full details of goods despatched. In this way the recipient not only signs for receipt of the consignment but also the specified goods.
  • Recognition of a signature. There is no proof of delivery for the customer without a signature and the consignment may have to be delivered again. This information can be processed automatically in your TMS.


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List of advantages of automated consignment notes and checklist processing

  • Less paper used. Instead of having a consignment note for each consignment, various consignment lines can be printed off on one page.
  • Faster processing.  A single run sheet can be scanned far faster then tens of individual consignment notes. Signature recognition allows the goods that have not been delivered to be processed far more quickly.
  • The software can be fully integrated in your TMS. Proof of delivery can be sent digitally or made available in your Tracking & Tracing system.



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