DRI Rubber produces high-quality rubber using an innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient process. With its headquarters in Waalwijk, a subsidiary in Ohio (USA), production in Belarus and deliveries throughout the world, this company is a major world player in the field of recycled rubber.



In 2019, DRI Rubber received approximately 7500 invoices, of which approximately 95% were in digital form. These invoices were printed and then sent through the organization in paper form for approval. “An old-fashioned process”, according to management. For Ronald Bovers this meant that he was constantly looking for certain invoices. Quite the challenge, for example during an audit.

Ronald Bovers compared the offerings of various suppliers of invoice processing solutions and came to the conclusion that ImageCapture was the best solution.

I wanted to make it as easy as possible for the invoice approvers in our company, and I wanted them to get used to the solution quickly. That worked out well! We implemented ImageCapture in The Netherlands and in The United States, which are two separate systems. Everything was neatly arranged within a month. Working with the consultants was very pleasant. It was no problem for them to adjust to the time difference with the US. We started work at 2 p.m. in the afternoon and everything went according to plan.



The use of ImageCapture has generated many positive reactions within the organization. Not only has approving invoices become a lot faster and easier, it is also very easy to add attachments during the approval process.

In addition to the smart workflow options, we are also very excited about ImageCapture’s archive feature. The system lets you search with various search options. And it’s not just the approvers who are happy with it. The software makes everyone save a lot of time. I no longer have to search for the location of a physical invoice in the company. That alone saves an enormous amount of time and hassle. We are very happy with this solution.



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