Purchase management

Purchase management

Many organisations do not have insight into their internal expenses until they receive their invoices. Until that moment, expenses are not registered, and operational results are not up to date. Orders can be placed by various departments or members of staff. When these orders are individually submitted to the supplier, you might fail to benefit from volume related discounts or other purchasing benefits. Moreover, this might lead to a proliferation of suppliers, and you run the risk of placing double orders.

An automized purchasing process provides you with efficiency and control over your internal costs, from purchase to payment.


ImageCapture is intelligent software with which you can automatically process purchase invoices and log them into your administration. The authorisation process also takes place in ImageCapture, where the digital archive can be used to request any documents or reports. ImageCapture does not just connect with your financial administration, it can also connect with your P2P process. Using ImageCapture will help you save valuable time on your administrative processes.


An automated purchasing process
By using purchase management software, you have more insight into your (internal) expenses, and you improve the negotiation position with your supplier. You can easily bundle your individual orders, which allows you to benefit from any purchasing benefits. By automizing the processing and authorising of your invoices, you can pay your suppliers sooner and potentially agree on payment discounts. Furthermore, by using pre-determined budgets and automized application processes, more responsibilities could be situated lower in the organisation.
Your employees can easily submit a purchase request using an online catalogue or a direct OCI link with a web shop. After the request is authorised by the budget manager, the order will be placed with the supplier. After receiving either the goods or a declaration of performance, they will be registered in the purchasing management system, awaiting an invoice.
ImageCapture will process the invoices automatically. When there is a purchase related invoice, the software will match your purchase invoices with the corresponding orders in your purchasing management system. Differences in prices will immediately become apparent. The bookkeeping entry is generated in your financial system and blocked for payment, pending approval. This way you always have up-to-date insight into your costs, without running the risk of making unauthorised payments.


On our interfaces page you can find details on all the available links for ERP- and purchase management systems. Is your application not shown on here? Scan Sys is continuously developing new standard links for ERP and financial applications. Please get in touch with us for more information.

The advantages of using ImageCapture for Purchasing Management

  • Insight into budgets, contracts, and price agreements per supplier
  • Full integration with your P2P and bookkeeping system
  • Automatic matching with purchase orders in the purchase order system
  • Automatic matching with open bookkeeping entries after authorisation
  • Costs are booked directly into your financial system, blocked for payment
  • Digital authorisation with ImageCapture Workflow