Roompot Vakanties
Roompot Vakanties was set up in 1965, and over the last 50 years, it has grown from a small family company into a leading vendor of vacation park holidays in the Netherlands and Germany. With the acquisition of Hogenboom Vakantieparken in 2009 and the introduction of Roompot Reizen in 2010, Roompot Vakanties expanded its product range to include more than 200 holiday parks and 25 camping sites, mainly in France, the Netherlands and Belgium. More recently, Largo Villas joined the product range, a product that aims at the upper end of the market. Think here of luxury villas and special locations, such as a dream villa on a private island in the South Pacific.

Roompot Vakanties differentiates itself by its enormously wide range of holidays and accommodation. Every park is surprisingly different and there are types of accommodation for every budget, from simple to super-de-luxe. Roompot Vakanties is also one of the few vendors that offers its guests medical care products. As well as wheelchair friendly accommodation and on-site care, Roompot also offers facilities in the parks for people who need daily dialysis. In this way they can, like anyone else, enjoy their well-earned holiday. Roompot Vakanties was also nominated for the Kids Holiday Vendor of the Year Awards 2016. In summary, a wide range of products with very varied target groups.

We offer something for everyone, from simple through to luxury. In our business it is all about quality and the customer experience.

Selecting a scanning solution
A few years ago, the organisation set a goal that every year it had to achieve growth of 20% above the previous year’s level. This had a number of practical consequences: First of all, the parks were mainly located in Zeeland, in the north of Holland, but they quickly spread across the whole of the Netherlands, and then later into Germany. The supplier invoices at that time were sent to each of the parks (decentralised). Employees there would check if the goods had been received and the invoices were initialled and given a GL reference, and then were sent by mail once per week to the central administration. When they arrived there, the invoices were manually posted by the administration staff. As the number of parks grew, there was less direct, personal contact with each of the employees in the different parks. On the other hand, the number of invoices grew rapidly. This meant in practice, that more and more often invoices that were being sent to all the different parks got lost, or were not forwarded because, perhaps, the employee involved was on vacation. Sometimes invoices would only arrive 2 weeks later, and the supplier would already have been on the phone to the administration department to find out where the payment was for his invoice. The supplier then had to issue copy invoices and that meant a lot of extra work and annoyed everyone. There was never a full overview either of what was owed to creditors, and reports were never up-to-date.

We quickly realised that something needed to be changed really radically. We were working at the time with Exact’s software (ed. Exact Globe) and through them came into contact with Scan Sys. During the selection process we also talked to other vendors, but their software did not offer the same level of intelligence and functionality that ImageCapture provides. We were also really enthusiastic about the approval options in Exact Synergy, with which ImageCapture is fully integrated. We therefore decided to grasp the nettle, and move directly to a total solution.

Using ImageCapture
ImageCapture is used daily at Roompot Vakanties to process all purchase invoices. Last year that was a hefty total of 76,000. The invoices arrive at four administration departments which are split between Dutch parks, German parks, real estate companies and recently also a company that is specialised in the purchase and sale of goods. This latest company is expected to show rapid growth and the paperwork will therefore grow accordingly.

Invoices arrive in large numbers at the same time, luckily already a large number arrive by email. ImageCapture also has a good solution for this, where the invoices come into a separate email address (one per administration) from where they are automatically imported into ImageCapture. Our organisation is becoming more international all the time, we are receiving invoices from all around the world and we process them using ImageCapture.

The benefits of the software
With the deployment of ImageCapture, Roompot Vakanties was able to make large savings in the area of staff costs. Many manual processes are now fully automated. In addition, it has a full overview at all times of its costs, and the invoices can be queried electronically at any time.

What we found to be a very major benefit was that at any time we can see what our outstanding liabilities to our creditors are. Invoices that arrive in the morning are already in our administration by the end of the day. In the past, we were never quite sure what we owed in total to our creditors, and whether our data was actually complete at any time. Now everything is available in one place, and we do not depend on a number of different employees, scattered across the various parks. The approval workflow in Synergy offers us an overview of the status of our invoices. If a supplier phones up with questions about their invoice, we can give them an answer straight away. That saves a huge amount of time. This means we can deal professionally with our suppliers.

In 2015, Roompot Vakanties invited a company to check the whole of the book-keeping from 2007 to 2014 inclusive, for errors made during processing of their invoices. For example, VAT that was booked wrongly or not at all, or duplicate postings that were made in error. In the end, the company was able to locate four errors in a period of seven years! Taking into account that each year Roompot Vakanties handles tens of thousands of invoices this is a great example of the level of efficiency that working with ImageCapture has brought to this company.

Experiences with Scan Sys
When we asked about the experience with Scan Sys  as a supplier for over ten years, Paula Oosdijk-Walraven replied:

Scan Sys keeps their promises, and you can rely on them. They put themselves in your shoes and don’t try to wring the last drop of cash out of you. Our experience with the help-desk has been very good. Even with the most complicated queries they were always ready to go the extra mile. In all these years, our administrative departments have never lost a day’s work due to issues with the software. This is crucial for our department, because we are dealing with large numbers of invoices needing to be processed every day.

Paula Oosdijk-Walraven, Head of Finance, Roompot Vakanties