Automated sales order processing with SAP Business One

Trade organizations that do a lot of business with regular customers, not only have to deal with incoming invoice flows such as cost invoices and purchase order invoices, they also regularly receive purchase orders in PDF or paper form, that must be manually entered as sales orders in SAP Business One. This sales order is the basis for the sales invoice to be sent later. Processing the purchase orders, checking for price agreements, and archiving the underlying documents is an error-prone process that requires a lot of time from the administration. The sales orders received are kept for consultation when questions arise about the sales invoice sent. Retrieving the correct purchase order can also be a time-consuming task. With ImageCapture, this process of checking, entering, and archiving is fully automated. In addition, the software integrates fully with your SAP Business One administration and uses the data available there. You always manage your sales orders in one place, in SAP Business One.

The advantages of automated sales order processing with SAP Business One and ImageCapture

  • No more errors caused by manual booking
  • Much faster processing of sales orders
  • Documents are always digitally available and will not get lost anymore
  • No more paper archives
  • Full integration with SAP Business One
  • Extensive recognition on the line level
  • No limit on the number of administrations or document

The process in ImageCapture


ImageCapture imports the client’s standard purchase forms from email inboxes and links them to the correct debtor in SAP Business One. The software then automatically reads the order data at the header and line level.


The software checks, based on the item codes of the customer and the master data in your SAP Business One administration, that the purchase prices do not deviate from the fixed standard sales prices per item, or the price agreements with the debtor per item. Deviations between the purchase order and previously made agreements thus immediately become visible. Using this information, ImageCapture automatically generates order lines that can be further enriched as required, for example with additional descriptions. Header data, such as differing invoice or delivery addresses, can also be adjusted immediately.


After approval, the sales order is immediately created in SAP Business One. If desired, ImageCapture automatically sends the customer a notification message (adjustable per debtor) to thank him for his order and to confirm the administrative processing of this to him. The digital order document is directly linked to the sales order and can be retrieved from various angles, including the sales order.

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