Automated delivery note processing with SAP Business One

Trading companies frequently receive delivery notes that need to be processed manually and converted into an acknowledgment of receipt in the administrative system. The processing of delivery notes, checking on agreed amounts and archiving of the original documents, is an error-prone and time-consuming process that requires a great deal of attention from your administrative staff. The incoming delivery notes are stored, so that it is possible to look them up in case of queries about the purchase invoice. Retrieving the right documents can take up valuable time.

ImageCapture is a scan and recognition software that can be implemented flexibly to process both the paper and digital delivery notes you receive, and automatically convert them into an acknowledgement of receipt in your administration. The software integrates fully with SAP Business One, and directly accesses and uses the information that is held in your financial system without having to regularly synchronise master data.

The benefits of automated delivery note processing with SAP Business One

  • No more errors caused by manual entry
  • Much faster processing of delivery notes
  • Documents are always available in digital format and do not get lost
  • No need for a paper archive
  • Full integration with SAP Business One
  • No limit to number of records or documents



Your documents can be easily digitized using ImageCapture: Various document types can be scanned into one stack in ImageCapture, via scanners or multifunctionals with scan to file or scan to mail option, after which the documents are automatically imported.


In ImageCapture, the scanned or imported delivery notes are automatically linked to the order in SAP Business One. The order data is directly retrieved from SAP Business One.


After retrieving the order data from SAP Business One you can process the individual lines and add additional information. After that, good receipts are automatically processed in SAP Business One. Depending on the lay-out of the delivery note, matching on line level with article codes and quantity of goods received. The digital document is linked to the registration of goods receipt and can be made available in case of queries about the purchase invoice


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