From 2023 to 2024, a look back and ahead

Posted: 3 January 2024

Happy new year! – it’s time to look back and ahead! The past year has been a very successful one for Scan Sys. From welcoming many new customers and colleagues to expanding ImageCapture with the update to version 10 and numerous new features.

2024 awaits us with new adventures and goals. In this blog, we look back on the great moments of the previous year and piece together what wonderful future plans we have in mind for the upcoming year.


Last year…

  • We released six updates to optimize and expand ImageCapture further;
  • we passed the mark of 4900 satisfied customers at domestic and international level;
  • expanded our portfolio with several new integrations;
  • we released the fully evolved ImageCapture version 10.1.
  • and we were able to welcome numerous new colleagues!


From 2023 to 2024, from 9 to 10!

In 2023, with releases 9.8 to 10.1, we expanded ImageCapture with many optimizations, extensions and new functionality. During the year we worked on new functionality such as annotation, save as PDF, direct mail tools. Existing functionality such as repeating bookings was extended to almost all links and we introduced everyone to configuring workflows independently for the first time. Meanwhile, in the background, we were hard at work developing the very latest version of ImageCapture.

ImageCapture 10 introduces a revolutionary user experience with intuitive navigation and a soothing visual design. This version not only optimizes the desktop experience, but also improves accessibility on mobile devices. In addition, this update provides powerful capabilities, such as template creation directly from the Web Client for more accurate OCR recognition on specific invoice header fields, and expanded management of workflow settings through the Web Client.


In 2024…

Our ambition is to optimize ImageCapture even further by, for example:

  • greatly expanding the capabilities of ImageCapture Workflow
  • Introducing dashboarding in ImageCapture and expanding the ImageCapture archive
  • allowing users to create their own templates at invoice and document line level via the ImageCapture Web Client, with the introduction of supporting AI techniques
  • expansion of deployment capabilities on existing links such as purchase order matching, sales order processing, delivery note processing and connection to purchasing management
  • introduction of numerous new ERP interfaces!



2023 one last time, at a glance

Happy new year and best wishes

We wish you a healthy and successful 2024! Do you also want to make the switch to digitizing and optimizing business processes in the new year? Feel free to contact us!