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Optimize your AFAS administration with ImageCapture

Posted: 29 March 2024

Looking to optimize your AFAS administration? Take your scan & recognize functionality one step further with ImageCapture and tackle all your administration challenges at once! In this blog post, we dive deeper into the advanced capabilities of our powerful financial accounting software and show you how it can transform your invoice processing in AFAS. With ImageCapture, we’ve offered over 30 years of expertise in scanning and recognition software, and our certified pairing with AFAS since 2012 ensures you the best integration and user experience.

Read on to discover how ImageCapture can help you get the most out of your scanning and recognition process and free up more time for growth and strategy.

Go one step further and discover the true power of ImageCapture

With ImageCapture, you leverage advanced line recognition for an even more efficient accounting process. Our software enables you to effortlessly process invoices that are regularly broken down to multiple posting lines. As a result, a read invoice is immediately presented as a booking proposal with multiple lines of coding, significantly improving the efficiency of your accounting process.

Thanks to ImageCapture’s advanced line recognition, you can use all available master data and booking logic from AFAS for an automatic booking proposal. This means that all administrative fields, such as general ledger accounts, difference axes and project codes, are supported.


Optimize AFAS


New solution under development: automated sales order processing with AFAS

Do you recognize the challenge of recurring customer orders that must be processed manually? Checking for price agreements, archiving documents, and saving purchase orders received for later reference can be quite a time-consuming and error-prone process.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that ImageCapture will be implementing this solution later this year, integrated with AFAS. This new functionality will automate the entire process from receipt to archiving of purchase orders, saving you valuable time and minimizing the risk of errors.

With ImageCapture, we import customer purchase forms directly from e-mail boxes and link them to the correct debtor in AFAS. We then read in order data at both header and line level. After acceptance of the booking proposal, ImageCapture automatically generates order lines in AFAS, which can be further enriched if desired. Header data, such as different invoice or delivery addresses, can also be added directly.


Order confirmations, 3-way matching and the entire procurement process

Our solution provides a fast and user-friendly way to automatically match order confirmations with AFAS. Supplier confirmations can be effortlessly linked to orders in AFAS, with the flexibility to make adjustments and additions directly from ImageCapture.

Benefits of automated processing of the purchase order process:

  • Faster processing of order confirmations: Automatic matching significantly reduces processing time, allowing your company to operate more efficiently and respond more quickly to changes in the marketplace.

  • Digital archiving for quick access to documents: With ImageCapture, all documents are digitally archived, giving you quick and easy access to all relevant information without having to search for paper documents.

  • Improved efficiency in the scheduling process: With real-time visibility into expected delivery dates, you can more accurately match your schedule to the needs of your business, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs.


With ImageCapture, you get the most out of your accounting process and improve the efficiency of your organization. Our advanced rule recognition and automatic matching with AFAS enable you to work faster and more accurately, leaving you more time for strategic tasks and growing your business.


Making the difference with scan & recognize ImageCapture in AFAS

In a world where efficiency and precision are vital to business success, organizations often face the challenge of processing complex invoices accurately and in a timely manner. These challenges stem from the increasing complexity of invoices, the pressure to comply with strict regulations and the need to save valuable time and resources in administrative processes.

How ImageCapture addresses these challenges? With advanced scan and recognize functionality, ImageCapture provides a powerful solution that allows companies to effectively address these challenges and optimize their financial processes.

  • Advanced technology for accurate processing: ImageCapture uses advanced OCR and free form recognition technologies to accurately and efficiently process even the most complex invoices, including those with multiple lines and variable data.

  • Maximale automatisering voor tijdsbesparing: By fully automating the scanning & recognition process, ImageCapture enables companies to save valuable time and resources. This leads to a significant improvement in operational efficiency and a reduction in the turnaround time of financial processes.

  • Compliance: ImageCapture meets the most stringent financial reporting and compliance regulations. With built-in checks and validations, the system ensures that all invoices are processed accurately and comply with applicable regulations, helping companies avoid risks of fines and reputational damage.

Through years of experience and collaborations with numerous large companies and associated complex administrations, ImageCapture has expanded over the years with functionalities to streamline the process to perfection. With ImageCapture, for example, you are also able to easily split, merge and edit documents, giving you more control over the booking process. In addition, ImageCapture enables you to add documents as attachments, allowing documents to be processed in full detail.

We are continuously developing to make this process more and more efficient and optimal. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us regarding any questions or enquiries!