lokale installatie naar de Cloud

From local installation to the Cloud? ImageCapture moves with you!

Posted: 29 March 2024

From local installation to the Cloud? In an age of digitization and efficiency, it is no surprise that more and more companies are making the move to the cloud, especially when it comes to their administrative processes. The trend even extends to the developers of ERP and financial packages, who are shifting their focus from legacy systems to powerful online solutions. At Scan Sys, we have embraced this shift with our flexible ImageCapture Online solution, allowing companies to benefit from advanced automation and seamless integration with their legacy systems.


Why are more and more organizations working in the Cloud?

  • Flexibility and scalability: Cloud solutions allow organizations to quickly and easily add or remove resources based on their needs. This makes it easy to scale up during busy periods and save costs during quieter periods.

  • Accessibility: With cloud-based systems, users can access their data and applications from anywhere, as long as they have an Internet connection. This allows for more flexible working and makes remote collaboration easier.

  • Cost savings: By not having to purchase and maintain their own hardware and infrastructure, organizations can save significantly on capital investment and operational costs. Cloud solutions often operate on a subscription model, allowing organizations to pay only for what they use.

  • Automatic updates and maintenance: Organizations do not have to worry about maintaining infrastructure and applications, including software updates and patches. This reduces the burden on internal IT teams and ensures that organizations always have the latest features and security updates.

  • Reliability and safety: Software vendors invest in advanced security measures and redundancy with their cloud solutions to ensure data availability and security. This can often provide a higher level of security than what many organizations can achieve internally.


Flexibility, an ImageCapture core value

It often starts with the choice of an ERP system, a crucial decision that forms the backbone of business operations. But what if a company’s needs change? Imagine new business processes being implemented, or the need for more advanced functionality that the current ERP system cannot provide. In such situations, flexibility is essential.

At Scan Sys, we understand these challenges and strive to provide flexibility in software selection, even in times of change. We believe in providing solutions that not only meet today’s needs, but are scalable and can evolve with a company’s growth.


Seamless transition to another ERP

ImageCapture Online allows companies to smoothly transition to another ERP system without losing functionality. Whether moving from On-premise to the Cloud or from one ERP package to Exact, AFAS, Visma or another popular ERP solution; ImageCapture integrates seamlessly. This integration ensures that users can continue to rely on their trusted ImageCapture software even if the underlying systems change.

Our focus is on minimizing the impact of changes and providing a smooth transition period, allowing companies to focus on their core business without interruption.


Smooth transformation into the Cloud

The trend toward cloud-based solutions is undeniable, offering businesses unprecedented flexibility, scalability and accessibility. With ImageCapture Online, businesses can take advantage of these benefits and seamlessly move to the cloud. Whether booking and approving invoices on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, ImageCapture Online enables access to essential business data and processes anywhere, anytime.

Our cloud solution provides not only a secure and reliable infrastructure, but also a user-friendly experience designed to increase productivity and improve collaboration.


Taking your local installation to the cloud? Choose flexibility with ImageCapture Online

With ImageCapture Online, you are guaranteed a smooth transition from your local installation to the cloud. Adapt and scale your software environment to evolving needs, whether choosing another ERP system or moving to the cloud, we’re here to help!

Contact our team today and discover how ImageCapture Online can make your business more flexible than ever before. We are here to support you every step of the journey to digitization and optimization.