imagecapture release 10.3

Release ImageCapture 10.3

Posted: 28 March 2024

Release 10.3 was made available this month. The latest version of ImageCapture includes a number of new features and optimizations. We distinguish between general features and application-dependent features. Below is an overview of the most important developments.


Pie charts in the Web Client

With the introduction of pie charts in ImageCapture Web Client in release 10.3, we provide an efficient way to visualize the processing status of documents. This visual representation allows users to quickly understand the different stages documents are in. By simply clicking on the corresponding color, users can automatically filter for documents in specific groups. This significantly speeds up the document management process and improves overall productivity.

Release 10.3


External URL for opening document in Web Client archive

Another step in our optimization efforts is the addition of an external URL functionality to our archive in release 10.3. This makes searching the archive even more user-friendly. With the ability to access documents and audit trail information directly from external applications, the process of finding specific documents is greatly simplified. For example, from a financial system, users can click directly through to the appropriate document in the ImageCapture archive.


Automated linking, classification and verification of consignment notes now also possible in Web Client

In release 10.3, we have further extended the functionality of the Web Client by allowing carriers to link bills of lading to orders and assign values to documents during the import phase. This means that users can now perform these essential tasks from within the Web Client as well, making the entire process even more efficient. This contributes to streamlined document management and increases operational efficiency.


Purchasing Management Shopper Online with Exact Online

An integral link between Shopper Online and Exact Online has been implemented in release 10.3, making the processing and matching of cost invoices and purchase orders to orders and receipts, even more seamless. This integration provides users with additional options, such as contract management in Shopper Online, ensuring an optimized purchasing management process. With this integration, organizations using Exact Online can now also manage their procurement processes more effectively.


Integrating with Exact Online Germany

With full support for the German version of Exact Online in release 10.3, the ImageCapture software is now ready to integrate seamlessly with German companies. This extension opens up new opportunities for German companies to optimize their document management processes and benefit from the efficiency our software offers.


New integration with CarWise

As of release 10.3, the link with CarWise has been created to automatically process the entire process of booking and approving purchase invoices and expense claims through ImageCapture.



For more information about ImageCapture 10.3, please feel free to contact us. For customers with a current maintenance agreement, the update will be made available free of charge. Our support staff will evaluate whether you can perform this update yourself, or with the help of paid consultancy (remote or onsite).

Because of the large number of requests to perform the update by our support professionals, you should take a lead time of approximately 1 month into account. Keep this in mind when planning the update of your ImageCapture environment.

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