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ImageCapture Web Client: available through Cloud and On-Premise

Posted: 12 December 2023

Cloud and On-Premise, two different approaches but both available on one platform: ImageCapture Web Client. In the complex world of software deployment, choices between local and online access are often crucial. At Scan Sys, we offer ImageCapture with two approaches: ImageCapture On-Premise and ImageCapture Online. A common misconception is that the Web Client, a feature of ImageCapture, is for Online users only. Let’s clear up that misunderstanding through this blog.


Web Client: the bridge between Cloud and On-Premise

ImageCapture On-Premise users have often chosen the local client for technical reasons partly because of its familiarity and direct access. However, what is often overlooked is that these users can also access the Web Client with the necessary configuration.

ImageCapture’s Web Client offers more than just a new dimension to ImageCapture Online users. It is a valuable asset for On-Premise users who may not be aware of the improvements they are missing by sticking with the local client.

Improved Interface

ImageCapture 10.1 introduces a refined user interface that makes working with ImageCapture more enjoyable on both desktops and mobile devices. With a soothing visual design and intuitive layouts, daily use of ImageCapture becomes a lot more enjoyable.

Independent template creation at the header level

Another powerful addition in ImageCapture 10.1 is the ability to create templates directly from the Web Client. This allows users to manage OCR templates at the header level, which was previously only possible through the Manager. These new capabilities to optimize templates by client configuration offer unprecedented flexibility.



It may be that the ability to access the Web Client is, upon implementation and consultation, already fully configured. In some cases, however, the Web Client may still require a technically reasonably thorough installation before it can be used.

The Web Client, accessed via a Web browser, provides not only an advanced user experience, but also shared access and additional capabilities that go a step beyond the local client.


But it gets technical, right?

Yes, its implementation is technically challenging, but the good news is that Scan Sys provides support for this installation and configuration. So even if the technical aspects seem overwhelming, we’re ready to help.


So what are the benefits?

With the introduction of ImageCapture 10.1, a fully evolved GUI has been launched that takes daily ease of use to the next level. In addition, the powerful functionality of independent and direct template creation at the header level is of course invaluable.

In addition, the Web Client runs on Internet Information Services (IIS) on a server. It provides shared access via a Web browser, but more importantly, it provides a more advanced experience with the latest features and a sleek interface. It gives you the ability to access the software via cloud and on-premises.


How do I gain access?

Although the technical installation procedure is extensive, Scan Sys support is available to guide you through this process. Our experts can help with installation and configuration so you can get the most out of the Web Client, even if the technical aspects seem overwhelming. Implementing the Web Client can be very technically challenging. We understand that these technical aspects can seem overwhelming, the good news is that Scan Sys offers support for this installation and configuration to work cloud as well as on-premise.

Our experts can help with installation and configuration so you can get the most out of ImageCapture. Scan Sys support is available to assess your situation and installation. Our support staff will work with you to assess your options and whether you can carry out this configuration independently or with the help of (possibly paid) consultancy, either remotely or on-site.

If you are not familiar with server configuration, we strongly discourage you from getting started yourself and, above all, contact Scan Sys’ support team for an assessment. They are ready to assess your installation situation, provide guidance and answer any questions you may have.


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