Release 9.10

Release ImageCapture 9.10

Posted: 9 May 2023

This month, release 9.10 became available. The latest version of ImageCapture includes a number of great new features. The most important developments are listed in this article. We distinguish between general features and application-dependent features.

Release 9.10

Configure workflows

In the past, customizing workflows was sometimes time-consuming and difficult. It often required contacting our support or project departments to make it possible. But with the new functionality in this software update, you get more freedom and control over the process. You can now change your procuration schedule independently and at any time, without interference from our support or project departments. This allows you to make changes quickly and efficiently when needed.


It is now possible to manage the procuration schedule in the web client, add users and manage permissions, modify existing workflows for content and create new workflows without entry conditions such as invoice type. While customizing workflows, fiaticians can still continue to work and fiat processes can continue.


Release 9.10



For more information about release 9.10, please feel free to contact us. For customers with a current maintenance agreement, the update will be made available free of charge. Please contact our support department by phone or via the Scan Sys Portal. Our support staff will assess with you the possibilities of this update and whether you can perform it yourself or with the help of paid consultancy (remote or on-site).

Due to the large number of requests for our support professionals to perform the update, you should expect a longer lead time. Please keep this in mind when planning the update of your ImageCapture environment.

Are you not yet a Scan Sys customer? Then fill in our contact form. Our sales staff can tell you about the possibilities of our software for your financial administration.