Don’t forget to delegate your workflow during your Christmas break!

Posted: 15 December 2022

Taking a break during the winter weeks? Then you’ve probably turned on your out-of-office and already sent the last emails to your colleagues. What a wonderful prospect, a few days of carefree enjoyment and making great memories with friends and family! But what about your workflow?


Delegate your workflow

Want to resume work after your vacation just as relaxed? Make sure you delegate your workflow in ImageCapture during your vacation! With this handy feature, you can temporarily leave the approval of purchase invoices to one of your colleagues. This allows you to enjoy a worry-free vacation and not have to struggle through a bulk of purchase invoices when you return! Delegating your workflow is just one of ImageCapture Workflow’s many features. For example, while approving invoices, you can also ask a question of one of your colleagues or add a comment to the invoice when you approve or reject it. 

Don’t have anyone to delegate your workflow to? No worries! With the Bulk Fiatting feature, you can go through your workflow very quickly. In addition, you can filter invoices by date or supplier, and approving invoices takes very little time.



With ImageCapture workflow, you can quickly approve or reject purchase invoices, ask an employee a question, or add a comment to the entry. You also have access to a digital archive in which you can easily retrieve all invoices. Want to know which colleague is handling your invoices? This can also be found in ImageCapture’s digital archive. You can even expand the archive with reporting options. And should you get bored during your vacation, you can continue to approve your invoices yourself, simply from your mobile or tablet!

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We wish you a very happy, care-free vacation and holiday season!