Werken in de IT

Is working in IT the right fit for you?

Posted: 6 December 2022

Nowadays, we cannot live without information technology in everyday life, especially in the corporate world! With so many people using software products on a daily basis, the IT work field is also becoming more and more a people-centered environment. The rapid pace of development makes it a dynamic industry with many opportunities for job seekers!

In this article you will find out if working in IT is the right fit for you!  


Diversity and challenge in your work

The IT industry is very diverse in terms of work. You do not necessarily have to be able to write good code to qualify for a nice job in this industry (unless of course you want to become a software developer). However, it is important to have an affinity with the products and the target group.

An important trait you must possess to be successful in this industry is the ability to translate user processes and needs into software solutions. Because of this, working in IT is also ideally suited for people with good communication skills. Furthermore, creativity is an important quality because you are always looking for solutions to an organization’s problems. Every organization is different and the trick is to adapt the software products to this as well as possible.


Dynamic work environment

If you are looking for a dynamic job, IT is the place for you! Technological developments come in rapid succession in this industry. Products that you helped to develop may be in use by the customer within a few weeks. Customer needs also change constantly, which requires a lot of creativity and flexibility. No two days are ever the same. If you like variety and variation, then working in IT is for you!


Working with humans

As more and more processes are digitized, the user is becoming more and more central. That sounds contradictory because work is being automated away right? True, but human expertise is only becoming more important as a result. The knowledge and expertise of users is needed to set up processes optimally. Of course, there will always remain parts of the process that require human interpretation. The strength of a good automated process is that it allows employees to devote their time and attention to those parts of the process where they can add the most value. Often this also makes the work of these employees much more enjoyable and challenging because repetitive (boring) operations are reduced or completely eliminated as a result.

If you work in the software industry, it is important that you can convince customers of the benefits of process automation. So then it is important that you know where the customer’s needs lie, what objections or questions are involved and ultimately how you can offer the customer the best solutions in the field of automation. Your people skills come in handy then!


Employment opportunities

IT employment opportunities are in good shape. No place else can you find so many open positions! That means plenty of career opportunities and (not unimportantly) generally good working conditions as well. Moreover, in this industry the skills are often more important than the degree so this also offers opportunities to make a career switch.


Working on the future

Around the world, digitization is happening at a rapid pace. As a result, new functions are being created and boring, repetitive work is being automated away. Working in IT means actively contributing to shaping future jobs. IT also plays an important role in further globalization, doing business across borders. Information technology enables the management of foreign branches and communication technology supports international cooperation.

Software products that are being developed now are influencing the choices that companies make and thus our knowledge economy. How cool is it that as an IT professional you can contribute to this? Not only by helping to develop software products, but also by ensuring that they are perfectly aligned with users’ needs and processes. Working in IT is not only future-proof but even future-defining.


The right fit for you?

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