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The 5 biggest benefits of ImageCapture Workflow

Posted: 29 November 2022

You may already be aware that a digital approval process saves you valuable time processing your purchase invoices. Not surprisingly, we regularly receive questions about our workflow solution in ImageCapture. So what are the biggest benefits of ImageCapture workflow? In this article, we explain how ImageCapture workflow actually works, and why you should opt for digital approval of your invoices.


1. Approve from any location, at any time

You can approve your invoices while you are working on the road or at home, simply from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. So payment of your invoices never has to be delayed again!


2. Digital archive with extensive search functionality

ImageCapture’s digital archive stores all invoices that are pending or processed. Access to the archive can be controlled so that employees can only view their own documents, for example, or the documents of the employees they are responsible for. In the ImageCapture archive, invoices can be filtered by date, creditor or other dependencies.


3. Approve, disapprove, remark, ask a question

It’s all possible in ImageCapture! The approval screen in ImageCapture is very clearly laid out and you will find all these functions immediately. When an invoice is rejected, it is returned to the bookkeeper with a comment. You can also place a comment when approving invoices. You can also ask a colleague a question while approving an invoice and wait for a response before reviewing the invoice.


4. Delegate in case of absence

When you go on vacation, you can set up ImageCapture to have your invoices approved by one of your colleagues. No delays and also no endless stream of documents when you return from vacation.


5. Reporting with Imagecapture Insights

It is possible to expand the digital archive with the option of reporting. This makes it easy to access valuable management information. For example, you can gain insight into the processing of your purchase invoices so that you can immediately see whether bottlenecks occur in this process. You can also request information about a creditor or a specific period for more insight into your costs.


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