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Are you already automating repetitive invoices?

Posted: 3 November 2022

In release 9.5, we introduced the new “repeating entries” functionality for processing entries of a repetitive nature such as rental invoices and insurance bills. For repetitive invoices coming from certain suppliers that you know in advance need to be itemized in a certain way, ImageCapture is able to remember these mutations. This eliminates the need for you to perform these operations manually the next time an identical invoice arrives from that supplier. The more you use this functionality, the smarter you will make the software. 


How it works

The first time the user creates the entry as desired, it does not matter whether the entry consists of one or several lines. All relevant booking line variables can be defined here, for example, general ledger accounts, cost centers and carriers or the reporting date. Once the entry has been captured as desired, the user can create a repeating entry with that data and additional fields. ImageCapture stores the created posting lines in the database and re-presents them on the next invoice. At the main level, there are the following options when creating a repeating booking:


Amount distribution:

There are four options for distributing the amount:

  • Leave amount blank: this gives the user the flexibility to handle a repeating entry with one or more lines, without a fixed amount attached.
  • Distribute proportionally: for example, in an insurance invoice, it may be applicable that a total amount must be distributed over a fixed number of periods. Proportional distribution ensures that the amount is the same on all posting lines.
  • Percentage per line: ImageCapture also allows you to remember the percent distribution key of the lines created. The next invoice, regardless of the total amount, will use the same distribution key.
  • Fixed amount per line: finally, the user can choose to use fixed amounts. This makes checking the expected amount against the invoiced amount easy and quick, think for example of a rent invoice.



Because ImageCapture allows multiple repeating entries to be created per creditor, the user can provide an appropriate description for each repeating entry.


Transitory booking*:

A transit entry allows you to process an invoice over multiple periods. ImageCapture allows you to choose between splitting by reporting date or by (booking) date. In addition, you can specify in ImageCapture whether the periodic split should be monthly or weekly. *This functionality is only available for ImageCapture users in combination with Exact Globe.


Perfect! When can I start?

With the release of ImageCapture 9.7, this functionality is available for even more interfaces; AFAS, Exact Globe, Exact Online, Exact Online Bouw, Visma AccountView, Visma.NET, Ridder iQ, Trimergo ERP, Spacewell RealEstate, SAP Business One, Syntri ERP and Reflecta XL-ENZ.

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