Release ImageCapture 9.5

Posted: 19 April 2022

This month release 9.5 became available. The latest version of our software includes a number of great new features. The most important developments are listed in this article. We make a distinction between general features and features that are integration-specific.


Archive functionality for expenseprocessing

ImageCapture workflow users can use the digital archive in ImageCapture. The archive is a part of the workflow solution in which all invoices can be viewed, including a complete audit trail. The audit trail contains all information about the processing and approval of the document. This includes dates, times, delegations and persons involved in an approving or delegating role. Access to the digital archive is separate from access to the entry in the financial administration and can be configured very flexibly on the basis of roles and rights.

With release 9.5, expense users now also have access to their own archive in ImageCapture. This gives expense users real-time insight into the status of their submitted expense. The solution for expense claim processing is available for a large number of well-known ERP, financial and TMS applications. Take a look at our current offering in this overview.


Repeating Entries 

With release 9.5 we introduce a new functionality for processing repetitive entries. Invoices of a repetitive nature, such as a rental invoice or an insurance note, can be easily processed with this new feature. The first time the user creates the booking entry as desired, it does not matter whether the entry consists of one or more lines. All relevant line variables can be defined, such as general ledger accounts, cost centers and carriers or the reporting date. Once the entry has been defined as desired, the user can create a repeating entry using that data and additional fields. ImageCapture saves the created invoice lines in the database and re-presents them with the next invoice. The following options are available when creating a repeating entry.




An accrued entry allows you to process an invoice across multiple booking periods. Here, ImageCapture allows you to choose between splitting by reporting date or splitting by (booking) date. In addition, you can indicate in ImageCapture whether the period breakdown should be monthly or weekly. *This functionality is only available to users of ImageCapture in combination with Exact Globe.



Additionally, there are options for indicating the amount distribution. There are four options for the amount distribution:

Leave amount blank: this gives the user the flexibility to handle a repeating single line or multi-line entry without a fixed amount attached.
Divide equally: for example in an insurance note it may be applicable that a total amount must be distributed over a fixed number of periods, a proportional distribution ensures that the amount is the same on all booking lines.
Percentage per line: ImageCapture also allows you to remember the percentage distribution key of the created lines. The next invoice, regardless of the total amount, will use the same allocation key.
Fixed amount per line: finally, the user can choose to use fixed amounts. This makes checking the expected amount against the invoiced amount easy and fast, think for example of a rent invoice.



Because ImageCapture allows for the creation of multiple repeating entries per creditor, the user can include an appropriate description for each repeating entry. At this time, this functionality is only available to users of ImageCapture in combination with Exact Globe. Are you using different software? Sign up for our newsletter, keep an eye on our release articles or contact us without any obligations. We would be happy to explore the possibilities for your administration together with you!



For more information about ImageCapture 9.5, please feel free to contact us. For customers with a current maintenance agreement, the update will be made available free of charge. Our support staff will evaluate whether you can perform this update yourself, or with the help of paid consultancy (remote or onsite).

Because of the large number of requests to perform the update by our support professionals, you should take a lead time of approximately 1 month into account. Keep this in mind when planning the update of your ImageCapture environment.

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