Release ImageCapture 9.4

Posted: 15 March 2022

This month release 9.4 became available. The latest version of our software includes a number of great new features. The most important developments are listed in this article. We make a distinction between general features and features that are integration-specific.



For customer who use Archifact Shopper in combination with Exact Globe, several new features have become available as of this release. The processing of UBL invoices has become more dynamic. ImageCapture immediately identifies whether UBL data is available for each purchase invoice. This data can be used, for example, to create multiple booking lines very quickly. Any differences in VAT that arise are corrected immediately in ImageCapture. If the received purchase invoice should only be posted on the headline amount, you can also choose not to use the UBL data. In ImageCapture, you can check or uncheck the “Use UBL data” field. Whether the purchase invoices are submitted in PDF or UBL, ImageCapture allows you to book and approve them all in a uniform manner.


Shopper users can also use standard coding in combination with Exact Globe. This works as follows: for invoices with many lines, a supplier often mentions a reference for each invoice line. Think, for example, of telephone numbers on invoices from a telecom provider, or license plates on a lease invoice. ImageCapture can take these references from UBL files or read them using invoice line recognition. The first time the invoice is booked, you select the cost centres and/or cost carriers, after which ImageCapture remembers the relationship between the references and the cost centre and/or carrier, so that these are automatically suggested the next time.



For more information about ImageCapture 9.4, please feel free to contact us. For customers with a current maintenance agreement, the update will be made available free of charge. Our support staff will evaluate whether you can perform this update yourself, or with the help of paid consultancy (remote or onsite).

Because of the large number of requests to perform the update by our support professionals, you should take a lead time of approximately 1 month into account. Keep this in mind when planning the update of your ImageCapture environment.

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