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We develop efficient solutions for the automated processing and approval of various documents such as purchase invoices and POD documents. Our software, ImageCapture, is a flexible document and data capture solution which automatically processes  purchase invoices and POD documents, saving valuable businesses time and archive space. With more than 3600 implementations, Scan Sys has, for several years, held a market-leading position in the Netherlands in the mid market field of automated invoice processing.

General Invoice Processing

In terms of time and costs, financial administration departments are often under huge pressure when processing incoming invoices and other document flows. ImageCapture can save your department a lot of time and expense by digitising these processes for you. Thanks to automated invoice processing provided by ImageCapture for Invoices, the whole process of routing, authorisation and archiving is digitised for you. Invoices no longer get lost and your fully transparent accounts are available to you at all times.


Document Processing for Transport and Logistics

Scan Sys has also built up a high level of expertise and experience in the freight industry. We are familiar with all the established administrative processes, regulations and systems in this sector. Our ImageCapture software is fully aligned to your Transport Management System (TMS) and bookkeeping application. Your freight letters, CMR documents and route lists are processed automatically and then directly linked to your TMS. The scanned documents are automatically archived and can be accessed by your TMS and Tracking & Tracing systems.


General Document Processing

ImageCapture not only facilitates the digital processing of invoices and transport documents. Our multi-facetted software is also particulary suited to process all other document flows within your business. For instance, ImageCapture for Documents lets you process all your receipts, bank statements, order confirmations and other paper documents effortless. Not only do you save a lot of costly archive space, errors made when manually copying details from documents are forever relegated to the past. Forms that have a fixed layout, such as surveys and questionnaires, can be processed quickly and accurately using ImageCapture.

If you would like more information about automated invoice processing, freight document processing or the processing of other documents, please contact us without obligation




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