Purchase management with Ultimo and Exact Globe

ImageCapture for Invoices is user-friendly scan and recognition software for purchase management with Ultimo and Exact Globe. ImageCapture integrates fully with the combination of Ultimo and Exact Globe software. When processing invoices, ImageCapture uses the master data from your financial administration, without the need for periodic synchronisation.


The advantages of purchase management with Ultimo and ImageCapture

  • No more manual entry errors when booking and much faster processing
  • No more paper archive, documents are available digitally and won’t be lost
  • Full integration with Ultimo software
  • Integration with the most used ERP and financial systems
  • Extensive recognition and matching at header and line level
  • Automatic booking proposal for cost invoices and matching proposal for purchase invoices
  • Scanning of paper invoices, automatic importing and reading of PDF, UBL and XML invoices
  • Differences in numbers and prices can be adjusted immediately
  • No limit on number of administrations or documents

The process

Orders & Receipts

Receipts and orders are recorded in your Ultimo administration. In combination with the use of ImageCapture software, it is now no longer necessary to replicate orders and receipts from Ultimo to Exact Globe.


Invoices received by mail are scanned, invoices received by email, e-invoicing or portal are imported and ready to be processed in ImageCapture. At this stage, you can assign free fields such as accounting codes and booking date. These fields get their information directly from your Ultimo and Exact Globe administration so that periodic synchronization of master tables is not necessary.


Imagecapture for Invoices in conjunction with Ultimo and Exact Globe offers purchase order driven organizations the ability to match invoice data directly to purchase orders and receipts in Ultimo and Exact Globe.

Depending on the available line data on the invoice and the presence of the item code information in the Ultimo and/or Exact Globe item tables, it is possible to match invoice data both on header and line level. At that moment price differences and/or differences in quantities on line level are marked with a color.

The result of the invoice matching is offered for verification in the booking screen. The booking is automatically enriched with all booking data that was previously recorded on the order line within Ultimo or Exact Globe. In this phase it is possible to modify or further enrich the read data with administrative data from Exact Globe.

When using invoice matching in ImageCapture, it is possible to have the invoice matched automatically by using adjustable threshold values. Any discrepancies that arise can then be made available as log information in the subsequent digital approval in ImageCapture for Invoices.

For the processing of cost invoices without prior obligation, an automatic booking proposal is immediately generated in ImageCapture, whereby all details such as cost centre, cost carrier and projects can be included in the booking in Exact Globe. Double entry checks are carried out automatically and, if necessary, the previously archived document can be opened directly from the Ultimo and/or Exact Globe database for verification.

During processing, the correct fiatteur is automatically selected based on creditor, ledger account and various other dependencies such as threshold amounts. Fiduciaries can be added manually to the document to be approved.


robotic accounting

It is possible to have invoices processed fully automatically in ImageCapture, without human interaction. This can be done using robotic accounting functionality. This functionality can be set up per creditor or administration and used, for example, for purchase order invoices. If these 100% match the previously placed order in Ultimo, the invoice can be posted automatically. UBL invoices can also be processed fully automatically in this way, as can invoices from creditors selected by you. For example, when invoices contain monthly recurring costs, or when recognition of these invoices is always 100%.

If previously scanned packing slips have been saved as attachment documents in Ultimo when posting receipts, it is possible to automatically merge these documents with the read invoice when processing the invoice, so that the combination of invoice and Ultimo attachment documents can be presented as a complete document via the ImageCapture workflow functionality for authorization.

Entry in Exact

After the invoices are checked, matched and booked, the entries are immediately created in Exact Globe, if desired status blocked for payment, archived as attachment document of the entry in Exact Globe. The documents are then directly retrievable from the posting, the creditor card and the ledger card. Subsequently, the invoices booked in Exact Globe are processed directly in Ultimo and reconciled to the open purchase order(s). The combination document of invoice and attachment documents can then also be consulted from within Ultimo if required.


The approval of your invoices can also be fully automated with ImageCapture Workflow, whereby the software automatically links the invoice to the relevant approver(s) and sends a notification with a link to the invoices to be reviewed. More information about the possibilities of ImageCapture Workflow and the digital archive can be found on the solutions page Exact Globe.

Entry in Ultimo

After the invoice has been approved and the open item has been unblocked in Exact Globe, the Ultimo Scan Sys module is used to enter and uncredit the open order lines in Ultimo. All invoice information read in from ImageCapture is then automatically linked to the correct Ultimo order line. The invoice document with all the audit trail information regarding processing and approval can be consulted directly from Ultimo. This immediately removes the need to replicate orders and receipts to Exact Globe from Ultimo, to match invoices when booking them or to enter invoices twice in Exact Globe and Ultimo.

Approving in Ultimo

Success stories with Ultimo & ImageCapture

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