Automated consignment note processing with NaviTrans

The process in ImageCapture


Consignment notes, CMRs and trip lists are batch scanned using barcodes and automatically linked to the open order in NaviTrans.

Consignment notes scanned by on-board computers are automatically imported based on the file or order number. CMRs can be processed by trip, charter or trailer number.


In addition to automatically linking freight documents to orders in NaviTrans on the basis of barcode separation, the freight documents can also be assigned to the corresponding order by the user.

To this end, ImageCapture automatically retrieves a selection file of open orders from NaviTrans.


The transport documents are exported and digitally archived under the relevant order or trip in NaviTrans. The documents are retrievable from NaviTrans, for example, if there are questions about the sales invoice.

The digital freight documents can also be made available for Track & Trace or exported via FTP.


De digitale vrachtdocumenten kunnen automatisch met de verkoopfactuur worden meegestuurd of apart per e-mail naar de klant worden gestuurd.

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The advantages of automated consignment note processing with NaviTrans

  • Faster trip processing and billing
  • Documents are retrievable directly from NaviTrans
  • Full integration with NaviTrans for order and trip data
  • Modularly expandable with the possibility of automated processing and dividing checklists into individual transmission lines
  • Modularly expandable for automated processing and digital approval of charter and other invoices