Automated invoice processing with Pinewood DMS

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The process in ImageCapture 


Invoices arriving by mail are scanned and invoices arriving by email or e-invoicing are read directly into ImageCapture. At this stage, you can assign free fields such as accounting codes and posting date. These fields get their information directly from your Pinewood administration, eliminating the need for periodic synchronization of master tables.

Using OCR recognition or UBL processing, the invoice is automatically linked to the correct creditor in Pinewood, then invoice data is read based on free form recognition. One of the advantages of automated invoice processing with ImageCapture for Invoices is that there is no need to create templates in advance before they can be recognized.

If it becomes apparent when checking invoices that certain invoice data is not being read sufficiently, a one-off operation is sufficient to further optimise recognition.



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The advantages of automated invoice processing with ImageCapture

  • Full integration with Pinewood DMS
  • Uniform processing of scanned and digital invoices in PDF and UBL format
  • Matching on orders, receipts and commitments
  • Approving via Pinewood DMS
  • Advanced digital archive with optional management reporting capabilities
  • Hosting on ImageCapture Online platform

Also available for Grayhams Pinewood DMS

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