Automated document processing with Exact Globe

ImageCapture is user-friendly scanning software for automated document processing with Exact Globe, like batch digitization and archiving of incoming relation, order and project documents. All of these documents can be automatically processed and archived in Exact Globe using the ImageCapture software. ImageCapture fully integrates with Exact software and, when processing the documents, directly uses the data available in Exact Globe. This allows you to manage the data and documents in one place, namely Exact Globe.

The advantages of automated document processing with Exact Globe

  • Access to your documents from any location at any time
  • Digital archive: saves valuable archive space
  • Full integration with Exact Globe
  • Documents are digitally archived and retrievable from Exact Globe

The process


Documents can be easily digitized using ImageCapture. Various document types can be scanned into one stack in ImageCapture, via scanners or multifunctionals with a scan to file or scan to mail option, after which the documents are automatically (using barcodes) or interactively (on screen) linked to the correct data in Exact Globe.


Internally created documents can be automatically classified per relation, order or document type by immediately printing these characteristics in the form of a barcode when creating the documents from Exact Globe. External documents such as postal items, packing slips and order confirmations can be very quickly indexed on screen where all relevant data can be selected from Exact Globe. This eliminates the need to scan and process the documents individually. By means of drag and drop OCR recognition, descriptions and other data can be extracted quickly and easily from the document and can, for example, be used to add a description to the file.


The digital documents are archived in Exact Globe and are retrievable from all relevant data. All documents are therefore managed only in Exact Globe.

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