Since 2015, Arie Bouman Tuinplanten have been using ImageCapture to automate the processing of purchase invoices. After the launch of ImageCapture for expense claim processing at the end of 2021, this new solution also proved very interesting for the wholesaler. We talk about it with Joost Korporaal, project officer at Arie Bouman.

When Scan Sys introduced the expense claims processing module, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to make an improvement. The processing of expense claims was a weakpoint within the organization. In order to process the receipts, you had to scan them together with a blank A4 sheet of paper, which of course was a hassle. Receipts also often got lost. In addition, many employees have a company debit card. A PIN payment is quickly registered in the books, but sometimes we would have to wait weeks for the corresponding receipt.



When it comes to automation, Arie Bouman is a real trailblazer. In his role, Joost is continuously looking for new possibilities and improvements for all processes. When the solution was announced, Joost immediately contacted Scan Sys. Eventually, Arie Bouman became the launching customer for this module. Since January 2022, the employees of Arie Bouman have been submitting their claims digitally via the ImageCapture Webclient.

The implementation went very smoothly. In consultation with the consultant we were able to discuss the options that were available and what suited our organization best. For example, you can determine whether users are allowed to see all cost centers, or you can set a standard cost center at the employee level.



Within Arie Bouman, 10 employees use the solution for claims processing. Using the ImageCapture Webclient, they simply take photos of their receipts or they can import files directly. Multiple photos or pages can be merged into a single document. By specifying the payment method, the employee can indicate whether the expenses were paid in advance or with the company debit card.

It saves us a lot of work in the administration now that employees can immediately specify a cost center when registering the receipt. The company debit cards are for general use; expenses can be for maintenance, facility, office supplies or just a drink. Now the colleagues in the administration no longer have to find out what the expenses are intended for.

With this new way of working, receipts are also approved digitally in the ImageCapture Workflow. The procuration flow in ImageCapture ensures that the right approvers are automatically selected to approve the receipt entry. For example, this can be determined by who submitted the claim, but threshold amounts can also be set, so that claims above a certain amount always have to be approved by the management.

The solution for expense claim processing has brought relief to the administration. The person submitting the claim can also account for that expense directly and the receipt always ends up in the right place. In addition, there is now much more insight into the expenses of employees. Also, colleagues who have advanced something are now reimbursed much faster. Some colleagues still have to get used to the new way of working. But, it makes a big difference that the Webclient is available as a web app. You can make a shortcut on the home screen of your phone. This makes it even easier to submit a claim on the go.