Automated sales order processing with CERM

ImageCapture for Invoices is user-friendly software for automated sales order processing with CERM. ImageCapture integrates fully with the CERM software and, when processing your documents, uses the master data, order data and booking logic from your administration, without the need for periodic synchronisation. You will manage your data exclusively in CERM.

Automated sales order processing with CERM and ImageCapture

Label printers who do a lot of business with regular customers do not only have to deal with the processing of incoming invoices such as cost invoices and purchase order invoices, they also regularly receive purchase orders in PDF or paper form which have to be entered manually as sales orders in CERM. This sales order is the basis for the production process. Processing the purchase orders, checking for price agreements, and archiving the underlying documents is an error-prone process that takes up a lot of time. The purchase orders received are archived as to consult them when questions arise about the sent sales invoice. Retrieving the correct purchase order can also be a time-consuming activity.

ImageCapture automates this process by importing the client’s purchase forms from mailboxes, automatically linking them to the correct client in CERM and processing the order data at header and line level. Using this information, ImageCapture automatically generates order lines. After approval, the sales order is immediately created in CERM. The digital order document is directly linked to the sales order and can be retrieved from CERM.

Benefits of automated sales order processing with CERM and ImageCapture

  • No more errors caused by manual booking
  • Much faster processing of purchase orders
  • Documents are always digitally available and will no longer get lost
  • No more paper archives
  • Full integration with CERM
  • Extensive recognition at line level
  • No limit on number of administrations or documents
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