Purchase management with Shopper

Integrated purchase management with Shopper, your Exact administration* and ImageCapture will make for a more efficient purchasing process and will give you insight into your (internal) costs and spending. ImageCapture is user-friendly software with which you completely digitalise your invoice processing, from purchase to payment. ImageCapture integrates fully with purchase management application Shopper (Shpr) and ERP systems Exact Globe and Exact Financials. ImageCapture uses the master data from your purchasing and financial administration(s). The digital authorisation process also takes place in ImageCapture. Save valuable time on your purchasing process by using Image Capture with Shopper and Exact Globe or Exact Financials.

*At the moment, the integration with Shopper and ImageCapture is only available for users of Exact Globe and Exact Financials. The number of applications with which purchase management with Shopper is made available will be further expanded.


The advantages of purchase management with Shopper and ImageCapture

  • Full insight into expected costs
  • Direct insight into budgets, contracts, and price agreements per supplier
  • Purchase requests in Shopper from internal catalogues or in direct link with webshops
  • Digitalisation of the full process, from purchase to payment
  • Integral processing of cost and purchase invoices in ImageCapture
  • Automatic matching with purchase orders and receipts in Shopper and Exact Globe
  • Costs are booked directly into your financial system, blocked for payment
  • Digital authorisation with ImageCapture Workflow and Archive 
  • Automatically generates an audit trail document with booking and authorisation data, to be requested from Exact Globe, Exact Financials, and ImageCapture’s Archive
  • Expansion with reporting module possible

The Process

Workflow & Dashboard

The dashboard in Shopper shows the workflow steps of the purchasing process in Shopper. For each step, it shows how many requests are being processed, the status of approval, whether they have already been ordered and received, and whether lead times meet the organization’s requirements.

Budget monitoring

Shopper provides the ability to monitor budgets and intercept orders before a budget overrun can occur. You can fully apply the organization’s authority register (including partial budgets) within Shopper. Budgets can be created per period, employee and/or organizational unit. When the request is approved, depletion occurs immediately on the open budget space.

Contract registration

Within Shopper you can record contract registrations per supplier (also when you are still negotiating with the supplier). Per registration characteristics can be entered such as quality assessments which are linked from the receipt registration, but also expiration dates and various other data. Processed invoices that are not related to created orders but are related to a contract as recurring invoices can also be made visible on the contract as expenditures, in addition to any created orders. For this process, a separate module is available in Shopper.

Contract management in Shopper offers the advantage of an integral recording and monitoring of contract data. By recording contract agreements in advance, you avoid ambiguities afterwards and you keep a grip on price and delivery agreements.

Request articles

Using Shopper you put the request into the organization, without losing control of the purchasing process; Requestors only use the websites of the suppliers you have selected and can make a selection of the desired items here. Through the (OCI) integration, the webshop order list can be automatically taken over in Shopper, for the necessary authorization. In addition, an internal digital catalog can be managed in Shopper with frequently ordered items (subdivided into categories) that employees can use for their requests. The requesting of new or one-off items is also supported; This allows the requester to include the new item in the digital catalog in Shopper.


Amount authorizations are adjustable per employee so that the employee himself can approve his request or that the request is submitted for approval to his manager. Budget overruns are detected immediately. If the budget is partially available, it is also possible to approve only certain lines of the request.


Authorized requests in Shopper are bundled into orders. The order can be sent from Shopper as a PDF via e -mail or via the supplier’s interface (XML).


Inkoopmanagement met Shopper -> Ontvangstregistratie


The approval (checking off the items) of the received order is done by the employee or department that placed the order. Signaling takes place if an order is delivered late or incomplete, so that it can be followed up in a timely manner. Deliveries that are incomplete or damaged can also be reported, to which a photo can be added as an illustration.

Quality assurance
With each receipt, the supplier can be rated in Shopper on factors that are important for your negotiating position; thus, based on this ranking, regular evaluations can be done with the suppliers.

Invoice processing

ImageCapture automatically recognizes the correct creditor in Exact Globe or Exact Financials. If there is an order in Shopper, the invoice is also directly linked to the creditor in Shopper. The software reads the order number on the invoice and automatically matches this with the order in Shopper. Matching differences become visible immediately and can lead to the invoice being digitally approved within ImageCapture. If the matching is 100%, or within predefined margins, ImageCapture auto approval makes it possible to create the entry directly in Exact Globe or Exact Financials without the need to approve the invoice.

Purchase invoices related to orders in Exact Globe can also be processed automatically in this way. When the purchase invoices are matched with the order in Shopper or Exact Globe, all administrative codes such as general ledger account, cost centre and VAT code which are defined at item level are automatically read in when the order lines are retrieved. This creates a fully automated booking proposal. Any differences, for example additional transport costs, can be added directly as an accounting entry.

For the processing of cost invoices without a prior obligation, an automatic booking proposal is generated directly in ImageCapture whereby all specialties such as cost centre, cost carrier and projects can be added to the booking in Exact Globe or Exact Financials.


Unlike many Purchase 2 Pay applications, after matching and processing, ImageCapture immediately creates the financial booking in Exact Globe or Exact Financials, with the status blocked for payment. After this, ImageCapture may digitally approve the invoice, if the matching of the invoice still gives reason for this or if it concerns invoices without a prior obligation. The financial result, open items and write-offs of obligations are thus always up to date.

If previously scanned packing slips or photos have been saved as attachment documents when posting receipts in Shopper, it is possible to merge these documents with the invoice when processing the invoice.  The complete document is linked to the booking in Exact Globe and presented for authorization via the ImageCapture workflow. The documents are then retrievable from Exact Globe or Exact Financials from the booking, the creditor card and the general ledger card. The complete audit trail of processing, matching, auto approval and approval is then visible on the document which is archived in Exact and the ImageCapture archive.


The approval of your invoices also takes place in ImageCapture, where the software automatically links the invoice to the relevant approver(s) and sends a notification with a link to the invoices to be reviewed. For purchase invoices related to an order in Shopper, the automatic debiting of the order lines takes place either before or after approval. If desired, the digital document can also be called up directly in Shopper from the order or booking, complete with audit trail.


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