Purchase management with Shopper

Integrated purchase management with Shopper, your Exact administration* and ImageCapture will make for a more efficient purchasing process and will give you insight into your (internal) costs and spending. ImageCapture is user-friendly software with which you completely digitalise your invoice processing, from purchase to payment. ImageCapture integrates fully with purchase management application Shopper (Shpr) and ERP systems Exact Globe and Exact Financials. ImageCapture uses the master data from your purchasing and financial administration(s). The digital authorisation process also takes place in ImageCapture. Save valuable time on your purchasing process by using Image Capture with Shopper and Exact Globe or Exact Financials.

*At the moment, the integration with Shopper and ImageCapture is only available for users of Exact Globe and Exact Financials. The number of applications with which purchase management with Shopper is made available will be further expanded.


The advantages of purchase management with Shopper and ImageCapture

  • Full insight into expected costs
  • Direct insight into budgets, contracts, and price agreements per supplier
  • Purchase requests in Shopper from internal catalogues or in direct link with webshops
  • Digitalisation of the full process, from purchase to payment
  • Integral processing of cost and purchase invoices in ImageCapture
  • Automatic matching with purchase orders and receipts in Shopper and Exact Globe
  • Costs are booked directly into your financial system, blocked for payment
  • Digital authorisation with ImageCapture Workflow and Archive 
  • Automatically generates an audit trail document with booking and authorisation data, to be requested from Exact Globe, Exact Financials, and ImageCapture’s Archive
  • Expansion with reporting module possible
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