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Our Product

Our Product

ImageCapture is intelligent document and data capture software that is used to digitalise all kinds of document flows: from invoices to HR files, transport documents, postal items, and sales orders. The software integrates fully with the underlying core applications and uses all the available data to automatically process the documents.


ImageCapture For Invoices

Automate the processing of the most complex invoices down to line level, regardless of the layout of the document. Various advanced techniques such as Free Form recognition and OCR are used. 


  • Wholesale invoices
  • Purchase invoices
  • Foreign Invoices

  • UBL invoices
  • PDF invoices
  • Paper invoices

  • S@les in de bouw invoices
  • DICO invoices
  • XML invoices

  • Sales invoices
  • Cost invoices

Want to know more about ImageCapture for Invoices? Check out our page Invoice processing


ImageCapture For Flexible Forms

Automatically process sales orders and purchase order confirmations down to the line level. Advanced OCR technology is used for this purpose.


  • Sales orders
  • Purchase order confirmations
  • Delivery note processing

Want to learn more about ImageCapture for Flexible Forms? View our pages Sales order processing and  Delivery note processing


ImageCapture For Documents & Runsheets

Designed for digitising and classifying documents using advanced OCR technology.


  • Contracts
  • HR Files
  • Notarized documents

  • Order confirmations
  • Delivery Notes
  • Incoming mail

  • Lieferschein
  • Consignment notes
  • Transport orders

  • Packaging receipts
  • CMR
  • Ride lines

Want to learn more about ImageCapture for Documents? Check out these pages:  Consignment note processing and Document processing