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Invoice approval, routing and archiving documents

Most companies still have an internal approval system, where hard copy invoices are passed form one person to the other. This mostly manual process is not only extremely time consuming, but also needs a lot resources and brings a high risk of “losing” invoices in the process. Furthermore there is no transparency regarding who has and has not received invoices, and the time it takes for the invoice comes back to FA with a signature. This can result in invoices not being paid on time.


Automated process with ImageCapture



ImageCapture Workflow, digital distribution and archiving of incoming mail items

You can also use ImageCapture Workflow combined with ImageCapture for Invoices and Documents for digitally distributing and archiving your other document streams, such as incoming mail items. Administrative employees or mail room personnel can easily scan paper mail, and then the documents are distributed digitally to the employee responsible for handling the content. 


The benefits of digital approval in ImageCapture Workflow

  • Invoices are quickly routed within the organization
  • The status of invoices is always transparent
  • Authorization charts can be set based on the creditor, administration, type of invoice and various other accounting dependencies
  • Extensive workflow functionality such as approval, rejection, setting out queries, delegating and identifying 
  • Detailed process and evaluation logging
  • Fiscally correct handling and routing of any invoices with abnormalities
  • A digital archive, allowing document retrieval directly from any desired location by specified employees.
  • Extensive reporting options, including the following: type of invoice (PDF, UBL or scanned), processing and approval times, delays in the invoice-processing process


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