Purchase order matching

Purchase order matching

During the processing and matching of invoices, trading companies and purchase order-driven organizations that regularly place orders are often confronted with unexpected price discrepancies or additional costs. This results in a time-consuming matching process with the necessity to write off the unexpected costs and to enter a debit in the organization’s inventory. This means that, when the deliveries are entered, the figures do not match the invoice that will later be processed.

This risk can be minimized by having suppliers send an order confirmation to confirm your purchase orders. The order confirmation is checked against the purchase order in the accounting records in terms of amounts, prices and delivery date. The processing of the order confirmation and the manual amendment of the order already placed is, however, a time-consuming process requiring a great deal of attention from your administrative staff. The order confirmation received is (physically) stored for verification of the supplier’s invoice to be received later on. Retrieving the right document can take up valuable time.

The benefits of automated matching of purchase order confirmations

  • No more errors caused by manual entry
  •  Far faster processing and matching of purchase order confirmations with immediate identification of discrepancies in articles, prices and accompanying information.
  • After acceptance, immediate update and enhancement of the pending purchase order
  • Linked with workflow
  • Purchase order confirmations retrievable from the purchase order and when processing the invoice
  • Deliveries can be entered as a debit at the correct price: the price that can be expected on the invoice
  • Up to date information about the expected delivery dates


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