Automated processing of HR records

HR records and documents

Every HR department has to deal with paper documents such as employment contracts, payroll tax statements and study agreements: in fact, all documents furnished with a signature. These are often stored in an archive, which makes retrieving them highly time-consuming for your employees. What’s more, checking for the presence of certain documents is not transparent; documents can be lost or incorrectly archived, and in the event of fire or water damage, all the information is irretrievably lost.

Automated process with ImageCapture

Benefits of automated HR record processing at a glance:

  • Access to your HR records from any location at any time
  • Easier to check for the presence of personnel documents
  • Digital archive: saves valuable archive space
  • Full integration with your HRM application
  • Documents are digitally archived and are retrievable from your HR system
  • Document indexation: (automatic) indexation of your documents via freely definable reference fields
  • Text recognition: thanks to advanced OCR technology, the documents are text searchable
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