Delivery note processing with Trimergo T2 and ImageCapture

ImageCapture is user friendly scanning and recognition software for the automated processing and archiving of purchase invoices, sales invoices, delivery notes, confirmation orders and project files in Trimergo T2. ImageCapture integrates fully with the Trimergo software and when processing your delivery notes, makes use of the data used in your system without any need for periodic synchronisation. In this way you exclusively use Trimergo T2 to manage your data. 


The advantages of automated delivery note processing with ImageCapture

  • No more errors that manual processing causes
  • Faster throughput and processing of delivery notes
  • Documents are always available in digital form and are never lost
  • No need for a paper archive
  • Full integration with Trimergo T2
  • Extensive recognition right down to line level
  • No limit on the number of records or documents
  • Processing of sales invoices, purchase invoices, and other documents



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