Automated invoice processing, ImageCapture for Invoices with Exact Online

ImageCapture for Invoices is user friendly scanning and recognition software for the automated processing and archiving of purchase invoices, sales invoices and delivery notes. ImageCapture integrates fully with the Exact Online software and when processing your invoices it makes use of all master data and accounting protocols used in your system. The master data is automatically downloaded at intervals that you define. In this way you exclusively use Exact Online to manage your data. Processed invoices are immediately validated when creating invoices and crediter or debiter details Exact Online.

The advantages of automated invoice processing with ImageCapture

  • No more errors that manual processing causes
  • Far faster processing of invoices
  • Documents are always available in digital form and are never lost
  • No need for a paper archive
  • Full integration with Exact Online
  • Extensive recognition right down to line level
  • Amendments to and creation of creditor and debtor details in ImageCapture
  • No limit on the number of records or documents
  • Processing of sales invoices, purchase invoices, and other documents
  • Digital authorisation with ImageCapture Web client


Invoice processing, scanning or reading

Invoices that come in the post are scanned, invoices that come in by email, e-invoicing or a portal are read and are then ready to be processed in ImageCapture. At this stage you can assign the free fields such as administration codes and the date the invoice is recorded. These fields extract their information from your Exact Online records.

With the help of OCR recognition the invoice is automatically linked to the correct creditor or debtor in Exact Online, after which the invoice details are read, based on free form recognition. One of the advantages of automated invoice processing with ImageCapture for Invoices is that there is no need to create templates before the recognition process can commence. During checking, should it prove that certain invoice details have not been properly read, you only need to carry out a one-off action to further enhance the recognition process.

If the creditor or debtor has not yet been created in the Exact Online record system then a record can be immediately created and edited through ImageCapture for Invoices.

Exact Online scanning



Invoice processing, checking and coding

By making use of all available master data and record protocols in Exact Online, ImageCapture offers an automatic record proposal as a check and further coding of the invoice. In doing this all record fields, such as ledger accounts, cost centres, cost units and project codes are supported that can be exported via Exact Online web services.

For invoices that are often split into multiple lines, automated invoice processing with ImageCapture for Invoices offers the great advantage of line recognition. Using this, the read invoice can be presented immediately as an entry proposal with multiple lines and ledger accounts or cost centres can be automatically filled in by using links with article master data.

Exact Online recognition


Invoice processing, registration and archiving

After the invoices have been checked and approved, they are digitally archived and the invoices are created in Exact Online. The scanned documents can be immediately consulted from the entry.



Links to portals

Companies that allow their clients access to changes that have been carried out and documents using a customer portal, are also able to offer the scanned documents to be consulted. This is ideal for when you want to provide a service that goes a step further by periodically providing lists of payments made. With ImageCapture for Invoices, automated invoice processing offers further possibilities and services that you are at present not offering your customers. Scan Sys already offers standard links with portals such as AFAS Outsite, Innolan X-Portal and Pinkweb Dossier Online.

Authorisation in ImageCapture Web

After ImageCapture has read the invoice and an automated entry proposal has been generated, you can then decide who needs to approve the invoice. ImageCapture sends an automatic message to the person authorising the invoice, informing them that the invoice is ready for approval. The person appointed to approve the invoice opens their ImageCapture Web environment to view the invoices, approve them, reject them or forwards them to a colleague, adding any comments as necessary. After the invoice has been approved the entry is created in your record system. The digital document is automatically enriched with an appendix page which includes a full audit trail mentioning any remarks regarding invoice authorisation.

* The functionality of the authorisation within ImageCapture has now been added to a large number of our standard links. Authorisation in ImageCapture is available from version 5.8 onwards. To find out more about the possibilities offered by digital authorisation with ImageCapture for your system, please feel free to get in touch with us. We would be pleased to help!


Customers of Scan Sys with a current maintenance contract can make use of our Support Department during office hours for telephone and remote support relating to the use of ImageCapture. You can find the contact details of our Help Desk on our home page under Support.


ImageCapture can be installed on a workstation and on a server. When using a workstation, SQL also must have been installed. When using ImageCapture on more than one workstation, the SQL database and the licence should be installed on the server. Standard implementation of ImageCapture linked with Exact Online takes two or three days to be complete. To find out the most up to date system requirements, please get in touch with us and we will then be able to advise you which solution best suits your current situation.



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