Automated document processing, ImageCapture for documents and Exact Synergy

ImageCapture is user friendly software which can be used for the automatic processing of documents such as mail, contracts, HR files, delivery notes and confirmation notes. ImageCapture fully integrates with Exact software, meaning that all documents and data is correctly filed and archived in Exact Synergy. All your documents are managed from one application. 


The benefits of automated document processing with ImageCapture

  • Complete access to your files and documents from every location
  • Fully integrated with your Exact Synergy administration
  • Documents are archived in Exact Synergy and can be made available from creditor, debtor or employee records
  • Documents are automatically classified
  • With the use of OCR technology the documents are converted to text searchable PDF

The process with use of ImageCapture for Documents

With the use of ImageCapture for Documents all your documents can be digitalized very easily. You can scan various document types all in one batch and, with use of barcodes, ImageCapture classifies the documents automatically and links them to the correct record in Exact Synergy. You can also classify the documents interactively on screen. When the documents are classified and linked, they are archived in Exact Synergy and the digital document is available from creditor, debtor or employee records in Synergy.

Documents that are created in Exact Synergy such as contracts or letters, can be automatically classified by Relation and Document type with the use of barcodes that are directly generated when the documents are printed from Synergy. Received documents such as mail, delivery notes and order confirmation notes, can be sorted with the use of barcodes, or classified interactively on screen. All relevant data from Exact Synergy to classify and link the documents, such as document type, employee number etc. is available in ImageCapture. For further classification purposes you can easlily add descriptions to the documents with the use of drag and drop.

The digital document is archived in Exact Synergy and is available from the creditor, debtor or employee record. All data is managed in one application, Exact Synergy. Use of Exact Synergy Enterprise allows documents to be archived as fully searchable PDF files.


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